Although I am able to offer help with a variety of issues I find people mainly come to me for those listed below, if you cant see your issue listed below I am sure I can help, if not I may be able to pass you on to someone who can.

I offer all clients a free telephone consultation, which gives the client a chance to talk through their presenting issue and also to be able to ask any questions. 

Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy is becoming a more and more popular way of helping clients to give up smoking. It enables the client to break down negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking. The thoughts and behaviours of a smoker is often what prevents them from giving up successfully. However, it is important the client knows the reasons why they wish to quit. It is also important that they are choosing this for themselves and not to please others as it is most effective when the client themselves want to quit.

Many clients find one session is enough to break the habit, while others  may benefit from follow up sessions.

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be very challenging, if you have tried many diets before you are probably aware how frustrating it can be. Hypnotherapy for weight loss changes how you feel about what you eat, you might find it hard to imagine turning down your favourite food i.e chocolate for something healthier but by using various hypnotherapy techniques it is possible to change thinking patterns. You can gain control over cravings in a way that doesn't make you feel like you are missing out. By making powerful suggestion techniques to your subconscious mind, it will help you to develop a positive relationship with food and exercise. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can make you feel confident about your body and change any negative thought patterns regarding eating to enable you to lose weight sensibly without impacting your emotional wellbeing.  

Overcome Fears & Phobias

Phobias are extremely common and are often irrational, it can be a situation or an object which will generally cause no danger. The most common phobias include Acrophobia (fear of heights) Aviophobia (fear of flying) and Arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Phobias may occur for a number of reasons, it can run in the family or be a learned behaviour, for example a child may learn a phobia by observing family member's reaction to an object or situation. Traumatic experiences and brain chemicals are also believed to influence the development of phobias. Hypnotherapy can help identify the root cause of a phobia and enable the individual to react to the particular object or situation they once feared in a calmer manner when encountering it in the future. Hypnotherapy can also help with relaxation and visualisation techniques for desensitisation and forming new habits and behaviours.  

Virtual Gastric Band

The virtual Gastric band is becoming increasingly popular among clients for weight loss. With the use of suggestions in hypnosis it is possible to convince your subconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. Your body responds as if one has been fitted and gives you a feeling of being satisfied after eating less than you would normally. This is a much safer option and costs a lot less than the actual operation. The emotional eating issues are addressed within the hypnotherapy sessions including the use of positive suggestions. Each client has a personalised assessment and treatment. The treatment is usually over six sessions, normally on a weekly basis, but can be varied to suit the individual.

Reduce Panic Attacks, Stress & Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help clients overcome social phobias and generalised phobias. Whether you suffer from mild anxiety and fear of social events or full blown panic attacks it can make life very difficult. Many people may feel a bit nervous, anxious about meeting someone new or going somewhere different etc. which is quite normal, but when the fear is out of proportion to the situation then it becomes social anxiety or social phobia and I understand that can ruin your quality of life. Anxiety can be experienced on different levels, anxiety disorders can be severe and disrupt the day to day life of an individual. It can be brought on by fear of something that happened and dread it happening again. The good news is hypnotherapy sessions can make things better for you. Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment, its aim is to seek out the root cause of the anxiety and change an individuals perception of a past event or release emotion from it. Many clients either significantly improve or overcome their fear altogether. For clients that experience panic attacks, hypnotherapy teaches you to control your breathing and heart rate. It enables you to relax at will, even during the onset of a panic attack, stopping it in its tracks and reducing levels of anxiety.      

Public Speaking Nerves

Public speaking anxiety isoften a serious anticipation of speaking and a fear that something may go wrong. This may be born out of a fear of looking foolish or being humiliated, or perhaps a fear of being judged as incompetent. The fear of speaking in public can be so great that it can cause missed opportunities. You might avoid jobs or interviews or miss out on promotions or a chance to manage projects. If you're a student you may be avoiding certain classes that may involve delivering presentations or standing up in class or reading out loud. Many people get asked to be a best man at a wedding or you could be the father of the bride or even the groom and dreading delivering the speech. Hypnotherapy has been found to be extremely successful for those suffering fear of public speaking. 

Driving Test & Exam Nerves

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool to help overcome driving test or exam nerves. Preparing for an exam or driving test and successfully completing it is not just about how knowledgeable an individual is, but also about the state of mind. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when studying and sitting the exam or doing the driving test, means an individual will be much more likely to achieve their full potencial. Assessing this state of mind is a skill and can often be learned by implementing new ways of thinking using different techniques. During hypnosis we are able to bypass the conscious mind and help put suggestions into the subconscious to enable the two to work together. By doing this we are able to start training the imagination to work for you, rather than against you. The power of suggestions and visualisation techniques can encourage an individual to clear their racing mind. If someone is anxious, the mind might not be able to focus. However, controlling this anxiety often leads to increased concentration levels, allowing the knowledge to be accessed with more ease.  

Confidence Boosting

Being confident is an attractive quality. What more could you achieve in your career, for example, if you were more confident in meetings and presentations? What would happen to your social life if you had greater confidence? Confidence is a learned behaviour and hypnotherapy can be brilliant at working to create positive new behaviours and attitudes that you can be in control of. Having high levels of confidence can have huge benefit for all areas of an individuals life (including relationships, career, social life and state of mind) and many people who lack self confidence wish to be more confident. Hypnotherapy has a high success rate for helping those suffering from low self confidence. Hypnotherapy seeks to determine the root cause and find ways to resolve it. Hypnosis can reach the sub conscious mind and modify belief systems, and replace negative thought and belief patterns with positive and more confident beliefs. This can boost confidence and completely change an individuals life.  

Pain Management

If you are experiencing pain, you are always advised to see your doctor. They will be able to investigate further to find out what is causing it and how best to treat it. Pain is the number one reason why people seek medical attention and painkillers are the most commonly used prescriptive drug. Pain can be due to surgery, injury, illness or disease. Stress and anxiety are common side effects and can even make the sensation feel worse. The way the mind responds to pain also links to the perception of physical sensations. The way hypnotherapy works is by helping reduce stress and change thought patterns related to pain which therefore make a huge difference to pain perception. If you are suffering with a chronic pain condition, it's important to realise that you don't have to go through it alone. Seeking both medical and therapeutic support is essential. The medical profession can help you to practically manage your condition, while therapies like hypnotherapy can help manage related symptoms and change the way you cope with pain.

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