I have generously put all my amazing expertise and Therapy tools together in one package to create this MIND THERAPY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME that is very unique.

I’m a qualified HYPNOTHERAPIST ,  REMEDIAL HYPNOTIST, COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPIST (CBT Practitioner) and  CONTROL Practitioner. I am trained in psychology of selves, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming )techniques. etc.

I am so excited about how this programme has transformed so many of my clients lives. That’s why I’m offering you a free two hour consultation so you can find out all about it for yourself. I just want everyone to witness it, cause I know your absolutely  love it!

It is unique as it’s a mixture of all my expertise , so I don’t no any one else who does this full transformation programme cause i have put all my personal tools together and made what I like to call a safe firework.

I can only describe it like that as that’s truly how I feel about it. It’s how I felt once , yep trapped in a box and how previous clients use to feel too.

Maybe  you reading this may relate to one or many of these feelings right now......In a box feeling scared, stuck ,confused, anxious , depressed, fearful, low self esteem, tired due to lack of sleep, frustrated, guilty and feeling trapped inside a box feeling no way out.

Well guess what I found all my tools learnt many therapies and techniques over a few years while fighting several chronic illnesses. I then learnt THE CONTROL SYSTEM and adding that to my tool box.....

Well you never guess what happened.... the whole thing exploded and I turned into a firework. Feeling AWESOME, ALIVE ,SPARKLING flying out of that box. Totally FREE no longer stuck LIBERATED, UPLIFTED, and totally amazing. Even better than that because I have put all my tools in one box so I can create this transformation for others like you . With this Programme i ensure you get the best Therapy ( firework) that suits you so you get the best outcome to set you free.

Also you excitingly are also apart of the therapy (unlike traditional hypnotherapy which is still included) you will participate and see the changes happening as not always in deep trance, (subconscious dominance). Your be aware of me speaking to their subconscious!How cool is that?

You can even learn to do the CONTROL SYSTEM  yourself too, so you keep control.  Now that is priceless!! A therapy method you also learn to use on yourself for ever. WOW!!

Any fear or obstacle caused by negative thought patterns & behaviours which holds you back in life keeping you stuck whether in  business or personal life, come set yourself free, Come see me.So that you can make positive,empowering, changes rapidly, that last forever.

I can’t wait to show you how you can get control of any negative thought patterns holding you back.

Call 07500004393

Not to be missed it is AWESOME helped so many clients I’m so excited I’m running the discount only  until the new year so be quick..

                                                                          THE VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND PROGRAMME


The virtual Gastric band is becoming increasingly popular among clients for weight loss. With the use of suggestions in hypnosis it is possible to convince your subconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. Your body responds as if one has been fitted and gives you a feeling of being satisfied after eating less than you would normally. This is a much safer option and costs a lot less than the actual operation. The emotional eating issues are addressed within the hypnotherapy sessions including the use of positive suggestions. Each client has a personalised assessment and treatment. The treatment is usually over six sessions, normally on a weekly basis, but can be varied to suit the individual.



SIX week weight loss course i πŸ˜One hour FREE consultation .


Including all six sessions and support in between sessions, no hidden extras. All sessions are tailored specific to the client.NOW INCLUDING FREE RECORDING! πŸ‘ 

Say goodbye to diets!!!πŸ‘‹

We all know that diets work...but only in the short term.

The virtual gastric band is a natural process where the subconscious mind naturally and effortlessly makes healthier choices.

Because it is not a diet , you won't feel deprived or hungry, or, any of the other issues that cause diets to fail.😁


The virtual gastric band is a procedure that uses the power of hypnosis, CBT, and NLP to convince your subconscious mind that a silicon band is fitted around your stomach.

Because your subconscious mind believes your stomach has been shrunk to the size of a golf ball, you will feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food.

Do you want to 

Eat less???

Change your relationship with food? 

Stop over eating and binge eating? 

Make healthier food choices easier and effortlessly??

If you have answered yes and feel you would like to make healthier choices then the MIND THERAPY Virtual Gastric Band PROGRAMME could be for you.πŸ™‚

To have the Gastric band surgically fitted it would Cost you a few thousand pounds. πŸ’°

This therapy is a six session programme having one hour sessions over several weeks. At a low cost investment of Β£375.00. Inc recording and full support throughout.πŸ’•

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

I also do hypnotherapy for weight loss.

I can help through hypnosis by giving positive suggestions tayloured to your percific needs. For example changing negative eating patterns into good ones. Allow positive feelings to motivate you more than ever before, to your create the more healthy life for yourself. Also to stop eating foods you no longer want to eat, ( Aversion Therapy) if that's what you desire. There are endless ways to deal with weight issues. πŸ™‚

Also positive suggestions can be given in hypnosis to help you with body image for you to reflect on the positive aspects about yourself and feeling confident and proud of your self. As I said it would be tailored to you and all explained before you have the therapy.πŸ™‚

My fee is Β£50 a session  for hypnotherapy which last 45 minutes to one hour, so please allow at least an hour for your appointments. 

With Hypnotherapy for weight loss it is not something that can be done on one session so you would need to allow anything between three to six sessions. It will all depend on your eating, issues, behaviour and habits.

I hope this helps you on your health journey .

Please call 07500004393 to book your free consultation.

Look forward to meeting you.πŸ™‚πŸ’•